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Learning is the part of our lives no matters it's about lifestyle, education, or something else. You know to survive in this era of technology we should run parallel to it. so, the people who like the field of technology need to learn some basic things like HTML type basic language and CSS.

There are not only languages to learn, but you can also try your hand in the field of digital marketing, graphic designing or content writing like services. If you master any of these you can earn from them by doing a part-time or full-time job.

Our IT training helps students to learn something productive at their free time. We also suggest online courses for training which are not provided by us, obviously free of cost. Our Experienced team trains you to survive, advance your carrier and to take challenges in relevant job industries.

Our popular training courses involve :

  • Website Designing : We train you in creating best looking templates with help of HTML, CSS and JS. These three things are mandatory to learn to be a successful website designer. Our Course will teach you in creating templates from scratch with some SEO tags integration.
  • Website Development : Web Designing and Web development is completely different. To build Dynamic website with language like HTML and CSS we train you also in PHP or In this training you will learn to setup a site and making it live on web. We also have a course of Wordpress training so, if you are in search of learning which helps you to create a website without coding give it a try.
  • Graphic Designing : Graphic Designing training have huge exposure like you can learn creating logos, banners, Animations or more. GD is very creative field in this we train you to run softwares like GIMP, and Adobe photoshop like tools.
  • Digital Marketing : As you know about the marketing word which defined as the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. So, in digital marketing we train you in how to build clients for any business, to sell products or to gain audience for any event. Digital marketing business is on peak these days that's why even a small business need digital marketing expert to increase his sales. BY our digital marketing course you will learn about running ads, building links, and social media optimization.
  • Content Writing : A Website will index by google if the content is rich in keywords and not plagiarised. Content writing training is not mandatory to write on website its also useful to write your own EBooks, Creative Emails or Blogging Articles to earn from your creative writing skills. We know on web “Content is King” — Essay by Bill Gates, so technically a good content writer is king maker for sure. So, never think twice to learn content writing it will boost your career to next level.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : Web Designing, development and content writing is worthless if you site is not getting organic traffic from google and bing like search engines. Our SEO taining includes On-page and Off-page optimizations from searching keywords to stuffing SEO keywords. SEO have many online courses but very much confusing we train you in SEO to write catchy content and using search console so you can index any website easily.

Why we are best in training

  • We train you under Itwebkit's professionals who gives you the proper knowledge about they face in their journey.
  • Our Courses are available in mode of online and offline training both.
  • A testament is a legitimate report that demonstrates your aptitude ability level and encourages you to stand apart of the group while applying for occupations and advancements.


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